Look at how young they were

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The Masterplan

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Better version of the shot I previously posted of Liam Gallagher going for a swim in the pool at the Roppongi Prince Hotel in Tokyo in 1995. The band went skinny-dipping later that evening!

Click to embiggen. Photo by Ian Robertson.


Found this with the comment ‘Liam Gallagher knacking a parmo’. Ha


Liam Gallagher and Liam Fray. Gods

“We had a bit of a two-dayer up north at a mutual friends at the weekend.  It was good, I’ve never laughed so much in my life, for two straight days.  He was an absolute gent, and a gent to everyone around him.  He’s a top guy.

“I’ve met him before but only as a quick hello.  So this was two days, and it was good.  We were chatting about music, he was asking about the band, it was good times.”

Liam Fray on Liam G x

Oasis + the alphabet

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"We’re brothers, man. He is the singer in my band and I’m the songwriter. There’s a bond between us that will never be broken by some guy with a typewriter."

— Noel on Liam (via fuck-yeah-gallaghers)
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